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1. Meet with a Realtor

This is your risk-free and commitment-free opportunity to ask any questions and understand the marketing and selling process.

2. Determine a List Price

We will jointly review comparable sales to establish an appropriate asking price for your home.

3. Prepare Your Home

View your home through the eyes of a buyer.  What would they expect?  We'll offer helpful suggestions to make sure your home stands out from the competition.

4. List Your Home For Sale/Showings

When everything is ready, we will place your home on the market and implement a complete marketing plan to attract as many potential buyers as possible.

5. Offers and Negotiation

Once an offer is received, we will jointly review all of its parts and decide on a response.

6. Under Contract

You and the buyer have agreed to terms and all parties have signed the contract.

7. Final Details

While under contract, the buyer will work with their lender, inspectors, appraiser, and others in order to complete their due diligence. Our team will walk you through each step.

8. Closing

 Congratulations! You made it to the closing table. Here documents will be signed, funds will be exchanged, and ownership will transfer to the new owners. 

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