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1. Consultation

Our team will meet with you to go over the buying process. We will spend considerable time asking you questions to best understand your needs and guide you to finding your dream home.

2. Get Pre-approved

Being pre-approved by a reputable lender prior to beginning our search gives you the assurance that we are searching for homes to best suit your budget.

3. Create Your Search

Based on your budget and list of desires, your agent will create a home search specific to you that uncovers all homes in your area that meet your needs.

4. Tour Homes

With the help of your agent, tour all of the homes that meet your needs and start eliminating the homes that do not work for you. Note what you like and dislike to better understand what to look for (or avoid) in the future.

5. Make an Offer

Time to negotiate! You’ve found your dream house and it’s time to get down to business. Your agent will guide you in making an offer that is appropriate for the market and your budget, as well as helping you negotiate counter offers. Once you have agreed to terms, your house is under contract- CONGRATS!

6. Inspection/Financing

The time between contract and closing is very important. This is the time to inspect the home and determine what repairs are needed. Your realtor can help negotiate with the seller to try to get as many repairs as possible added into the contract.

7. Prepare to Close

All lender items should be in order at this point, as well as utilities set to transfer, confirming any needed repairs are done, and a closing date is set.

8. Closing Day

A title company or attorney will typically facilitate the closing - you will review the settlement statement, sign paperwork, and become a new homeowner!

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